Our Operations Council

The Operations Council is our operational lead for the network.  One senior operations executive representing each credit union work to converge the countless things we all do every day.  From systems to procedures to policy, the Ops Council has the task of meting out all the ways we can make our shops most effective and efficient as a group.


Together - the glue that binds

While our CEO Council is charged with leadership, it is the Ops Council that does the work of coming to common methods and practices in search of scale and efficiency.  A key role is also the communication to and from the staff at each credit union.

CONDUIT between credit union and cuso

We meet weekly via video conference and monthly face to face.  Many remark that it is this time together that helps members know that they have a group of peers ready to help solve problems and come up with new ideas.

An Ops Council member takes the dual responsibility of representing their CU to rkGoBig and rkGoBig to their CU staff and management.

CU Founders.png

A long history

From the beginning, our movement has been based on sharing and collaborating.  We draw from the long and hard-won work of many before us.

Daily, Ops Council members are asking one another questions, helping each other "put a second set of eyes" on a thorny problem.